When the crews good, the sesh is good,

After spending the weekend in Breckenridge with my dad hiking and mountain biking, i finally got back to Denver and wished my dad safe travels home. We ended up getting the crew together and going out skating and got some clips.

If you have ever skated with Eric you know he wont step on the board for months at a time or be injured like today, but when that perfect spot comes up eric goes beast mode. Eric rolled his ankle really bad a few weeks ago, the photos are further down the blog. He tried not to skate anything until we got here. Any one know know this spot? Yea its perfect. He got stoked and jumped on his board. First try he front boards it, then moves on to first try 50-50, onto front lip and finally slid front smith… back to back to back… One of the best days yet out with the crew!

After getting to the last spot for the night and pretty beaten up and getting pretty drunk, we called it a night and headed to our buddies pool to chill and recover from the day. Then back flips started popping off… Great weekend.

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