First turns – September 29th

This past weekend I hiked 14er, Mt. Sherman (14,036ft). Which is Supposed to be one of the easiest 14er in Colorado… until you are battling 60+ mph winds, hiking in ski boots with camera gear, skis, and supplies strapped to your back!


We got to the trail head around 10:30 and started our ascent. I was one of four in our group, about 3/4 of the way up the crew I was with couldn’t bare the winds anymore and decided to turn around. I made a judgment call and kept going solo. After 2 hours of slow hiking and enduring gnarly winds and windburns, I finally made summit at 12:50pm! There was a mellow, narrow, gully off to skiers left that I had scoped hiking up. Taking some time I hiked down to where the little bit of snow was and clipped in. The winds were so strong on the first 10 feet of my descent I could barely move forward. I finally pushed my self and got over this hump into the steeper part. There was very little snow in the gully and it was only about 10 feet wide the entire way down, but i still managed to get about 20 turns in before hitting nothing but rock! I packed my gear back up and hiked out and went to meet the rest of my group back at the car, where they were already enjoying beers with out me!  I had never skied a 14er prior, Killing two birds with one stone? Hell yea! Got my first turns september 29th and along with skiing my first 14er! Stoked! Winter is almost here, the mountains open up within the next 40 days! Whos ready to ride!?

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