Late night missions

Between full-time work and the summer race season it has been a long busy summer. Winter is already here on the second day of fall and I can’t wait to start searching for snow, however it is the perfect weather here in Denver to start filming for our next skate edit that we should have worked on all summer. So this past weekend we got some lights, rented a generator and went out on the town to get some clips.

Eric had scoped spots and getting a game plan together for the day, so we headed out with his lead. Even after 4 hours of warming up at parks and sipping some beers we finally got to our first spot.


Eric Youngstrom – Front over crook


We only had about a half hour at this rail before getting the boot. The oddest no skateboarding sign was posted there reading “No unauthorized skateboarding”… so naturally when the cops came we had to ask for authorization…. no such luck. So we moved on and met up with Lawrence and warmed up at this little ledge that landed into a pool of water…


Alex Ziminski – 50-50 back one


Lawrence Kaelin – Nose slide

Needless to say we didn’t stay there long and went to the first hand rail of the night. Eric is a beast and just lands everything within 1st and 2nd try…


Eric – Front 50-50



Eric – Front board




Eric – Front nosegrind



Eric – Front Lip



Law Dawg – Back Feeble



Do you even vape bro?!

After watching everyone throw down at the rail and Alex busting his ass over and over again on a NBD we moved on yet again to the rail below. Eric had eyed this rail all week, according to Alex the run up is terrible… Its down hill and weird rough cement. My strobes were acting weird and miss firing while we set up this spot and of course Eric hits this first try and my strobes didn’t fire at all. Thank god for light room I was able to recover something…. Literally 3 minutes after this one hit we got the boot and headed on.


Eric – Front 50-50 first try

This was a random spot that we stumbled upon and ended up being a nice little line spot.


Alex – Crook at the end of a line


Alex – Crook at the end of a line

More to come as winter makes it way down to Denver, check back.


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  1. Christel September 25, 2015 at 10:13 AM #

    Cool pics, joe!

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