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Have you ever brewed your own beer before? I had not until yesterday. We went over to our good friend Canh house and spent all day drinking and making beer. I’ll tell you what, it is a hard life we live… We made a chocolate molasses porter but there are 6 basic steps to brewing beer.

Step 1. Mash the Grains – Soaking them at a set temperature to extract enzymes to break down the starches to simple sugars.







Step 2. Brewing – Pale malt extract and hops are boiled together with water for about an hour to sterilize the extract and release the bittering qualities of the hops. Frequently grains are steeped in the mixture prior to the boil to add additional color and flavor complexity.








Step 3. Cooling and Fermenting – The hot mixture (called wort) is cooled to room temperature and siphoned or transferred to a fermenter where it is combined with additional water to achieve the desired batch size. Once the mixture drops to room temperature, yeast is added to start the fermentation process. Cleanliness and sanitation are very important since the wort can be easily infected by bacteria in this state. An airlock is used to keep the fermenter sealed during fermentation. Your beer will ferment for 1-2 weeks.






Step 4. Priming and Bottling – Once the beer is fully fermented, it is siphoned to another container to prepare for bottling. Here priming sugars such as corn sugar are mixed with the beer. The beer is siphoned into bottles or kegs.

Step 5. Aging – Once the beer has been bottled or kegged it needs to age for 2-6 weeks. During aging the yeast will ferment the remaining sugar you added and create carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide will naturally carbonate your beer so it is nice and bubbly. In addition, undesirable sediments such as excess yeast and proteins will drop out of the beer during aging and this will enhance the flavor of your beer. In may take several months to reach peak flavor, though homemade beer usually drinkable after a month.


Step 6. Drinking – When the beer is properly aged – just put the bottles in the fridge and enjoy! There’s nothing quite like a great beer that you made yourself.


If you are like Canh, then you will have your very own custom tap inside your green room to enjoy all your great beer that you brew at home…


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