The Grass Room – Canh

I have been around a lot of artist and creative people the past several years and have seen where they work / their creative space. My friend Canhs takes the cake though. His “Grass Room” is by far the most unique creative/work space/ man cave I have ever been in. I had the opportunity to shoot some photos of it a week ago. Check this place out its pretty insane.


The room is complete with –

  • Completely covered walls and ceiling with high quality AstroTurf
  • Four LCD computer monitors
  • One super computer
  • Two fish tanks
  • One rodent skull beer tap (built in wall)
  •  Classy white seating
  • One cardboard elephant head
  • One bad ass white chandelier
  • One hidden work station (can you tell where?)

Do you or a friend have anything like this? Lets see some more “Man Cave” / “Creative Space”! I will choose one room a week to blog about if it rivals anything like this! Submit photos to

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