The Urso’s

I had the honor to photograph the Uros’s the other week. Rick was my former boss and he officiated our wedding earlier this year. The least I could do was grab some photos of him and his lovely family.


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Late night missions

Between full-time work and the summer race season it has been a long busy summer. Winter is already here on the second day of fall and I can’t wait to start searching for snow, however it is the perfect weather here in Denver to start filming for our next skate edit that we should have worked on all summer. So this past weekend we got some lights, rented a generator and went out on the town to get some clips.

Eric had scoped spots and getting a game plan together for the day, so we headed out with his lead. Even after 4 hours of warming up at parks and sipping some beers we finally got to our first spot.


Eric Youngstrom – Front over crook

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Why We do this – A Brain Farm Competition

Earlier last week I had the opportunity to help with a film project my good friend Eric Youngstrom from eFunk Visual Effects and his friend Miles Petrock from

Of course I wanted to be a part of it, below is a little of what Eric had to say from his blog post…

Eric –  “Miles was seeing if I wanted to join him in producing an entry!  And of course I hopped on right away.  Originally BrainFarm gave their contestants a week to come up with an idea, film and enter.  Miles and I met up and discussed ideas and planned everything out.  We both had a similar vision in our minds and knew we could pull off something visually interesting, with the hopes that our video will inspire others.”

 “Behind every great skateboarder is a great filmmaker. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, we want you to tell a visually compelling story that inspires others to get out and express themselves creatively. Once you have entered your video via a YouTube link, share it with your friends and have them vote. Entries with 30+ votes will be considered for judging by We Are Blood director Ty Evans and Brain Farm’s Curt Morgan.”

So after a 5 and half hour day of filming and driving around town from location to location, we managed to get everything that they needed to put the entire project together. Now with your help we need at least 30+ votes to get to the last judgment round! If you have a minute please click on the link below and give our video a “like!”

Big thanks in Advance!

While we were filming, i had to get some behind the scene shots from the day. Take a look through them below!


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48 hours on the river

Last 4th of July, We were invited on a 48 float trip near Grand Junction, Colorado. The first night was great, we met up with everyone, drank some beers and had a good ol’ time, until it started to pour down buckets of rain. We ended up sleeping in our car that night, praying the rain would stop by morning…


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2014/2015 snowboard colorado buyers guide

It may only be product on white but when you put it in the hands of Andrew Langford, it all comes to life. Earlier this month we worked together to produce the 2014-2015 buyers guide for Snowboard Colorado magazine. Check out some shots below from behind the scenes and head over to their site today and check out the first issue of the season at and start getting stoked for the upcoming winter!


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Sol Shine gallery

Hey guys just want to announce I will be showing my Wondering World series at Sol Shine Gallery for the entire month of July. The opening reception is on July 19th starting at 5 pm, come on by and enjoy some local art and wine! For more information visit their website at


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Anonymous Creations @ WoodWard at Copper

This past weekend the Anonymous Creations team went to Woodward at Copper for a full day of shenanigans. A full 6 hours of street skating, foam pits, and slack lining. The facility they have there is out of control. Check out the photo recap below!


The 2014 Anonymous Creations Team

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Short sesh with the crew

Had a fun skate session yesterday with the crew. I messed around with some old lights that worked alright, not great but did the trick. Check out some shots below. _DSC8523 Continue reading »

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Snowboard on the block

Snowboard on the block will return to Denver on September 13th, 2014. If it was anything like last year, you defiantly wont want to miss this year! Live music, pro rail jam and of course all the new films! Tickets available at additionally more information can be found on their website at Make sure to mark those calenders people!


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Fort Morgan w/ 989 studios

Another day spent out with 989 studios and Joey Olson, These guys never seizes to amaze me with their riding. Check out a hand full of images below from the day and let us know what you think! Any riders that want a private shoot like these please email me at Enjoy  – Brrraaapp.

– Joey


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