3000+ miles in 5 days…

Where to begin… this past weekend we had a brilliant idea to drive to Seattle, WA for 5 days… 5 days that consisted of 48 + hours in the car, sleeping on the side of high ways, getting lost, missing exits, skating gnarly parks, eating amazing sea food, drinking, partying, nonsense.

We left Thursday morning on the 4th of July and made the decision to drive straight through the day and night to Seattle. Taking turns driving, passing out in the back of the car, listening to the same 10 CD over and over and over again.

We finally made it to Seattle and went straight to the skate park, downtown Seattle. After spending 24 hours in the car it was good to get out and skate for a couple hours. We met some locals and were told about a cool beach to check out, Madison Beach. Headed over there and kicked it and drank some beers while resting and checking out the view. We met up with my good friend, Neon, whom i haven’t seen in almost 5 years and she showed us around town. Ended up going to 35th avenue skate shop and checked out my other buddy, Zach Bishop, Whom I also haven’t seen in almost 5 years and checked out his photography show he had hanging up. Sick work, Sick shop check him out! http://zacharybphoto.blogspot.com/ 

After checking out the show we went at good some amazing fish and chips at Pike street fish fry… holy shit, so good. After getting food and hanging out with neon we didnt really have anywhere to go for the night and had to figure that out… We ended up having to camp in lawrence uncles front lawn about 20 miles north of seattle for the night… It ended up working out really well, Lawrence got to see his family and we got a great breakfast from them. From there we went and parked hopped all day skating gnarly parks all around Seattle getting some clips at each.

After skating park after park after park, we got a hold of my buddy Zach, who invited us out to his cabin 3 hours west of Seattle on the ocean… hell yea we were going to take him up on the invitation. After getting lost trying to find his place a couple times we finally found them and headed to his girlfriends cabin for the night. The hospitality we were shown was amazing, we show up to the house and whats the first thing we do? Shot gunned a beer with everyone there to start the night, great people out there. We partied all night and camped out in the back yard right next to the water.

Law woke up on a trampoline the next morning… Stoked. Andre, Law, and I were the first ones up at the house and were told the night before early in the morning you can walk out and pick fresh oysters straight from the sea… What!? Hell yea! We went out there at low tide and there were thousands upon thousands of oysters for the picking. We filled up an entire cool full for everyone at the house to enjoy. When everyone had woken up we were already to start grilling and shucking oysters. By far the freshest oysters i will ever eat, some garlic butter and hot sauce… my god.

After all was over we cleaned up the back yard, packed up the car and made our way back to Colorado. It was one of the best trips i have been on in a long time. Thanks to everyone that made it possible and all the help along the way! Cant wait for the next one.

– Joey

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