19 miles, 48 hours, 3 14ers in the Sawatch Range

Thursday night last week, out of now where, I decided to give my self an hour to pack my gear and head to the Sawatch Range around 6pm. I didn’t really have any set plans besides hiking something. I Checked 14ers.com for route and camping info and that was as far as I planned in advance and left town. I stopped by my friend Ali house in Dillon on the way up and secured my route for Huron peak. Leaving Dillon I got to my campsite around 11:30pm that night and enjoyed the stars before getting some rest.


After waking up early the next morning around 6:30am to 25 degree weather, I tried to make breakfast in a small camping stove I had. For what ever reason I couldn’t get a flame to ignite and ended up with no breakfast, or coffee. After starting the day out strong.. I started my hike for the trail head. I didn’t really know how far up I had driven, or lack there of and found I was still a half mile from the trail head in the morning.


I got to the trail head around 7:45am and started my ascent. I hadn’t  hiked a 14er solo before, and its pretty gnarly. You don’t have anyone pushing you but yourself.


After hiking for 4 hours, I made summit around 12pm at 14,003 ft. You can see for miles in all directions from the top of 14ers, its a surreal view and place. I started my decent soon after making summit, I made my way back to my car around 2:15 that day. Total time was 7 hours and 15 minutes round trip over about 8 miles..


After making summit of Huron Peak, I was driving down the trial and passed the trail head for 14ers Mt. Belford and Mt. Oxford and decided to attempt them the next day. So I found another camp site and again enjoyed the stars and finally had a fire to warm up by. Its a weird feeling being alone in the woods, but very peaceful. I got up then next morning and took my time getting a fire started again and made a good hot breakfast and enjoyed the sunrise before heading for the trail head.



I got to the trail head around 9 am that morning and took my time hiking and navigating the route which was covered in snow and pretty hard to keep track of. Thankfully there were 4 other people who had been on the trial earlier that morning and I was able to follow their route. After hiking switch backs for almost 4 hours I summit-ed Mt Belford at 1:15pm, 14,197 ft.


After making summit, I scoped the route to Mt. Oxford and made the decision to push hard and fast to make summit before it got to late in the day.

DSC_6747It didn’t take too long to summit Mt. Oxford, just a little over an hour. Made summit at 2:40 at 14,153ft. After completing three 14ers solo in two days I felt pretty damn good about myself. I worked my way back to my car and after 8 hours and 15 minutes I was finally over with my adventure, I thought…


All the tread on my left shoe ripped off half way on my decent, making it much sketchier to decent.


When I got back into town, Leadville, I went to fill up on gas and drive back to Denver…. So I thought. I found out I had lost my last bit of cash for the trip during my hike… With little to no gas i was stranded… Luckily I have great friends who were down in Frisco at the time and were nice enough to help me out, all I had to do was try and drive to Frisco with no gas… Some how I made it to the gas station they were at with my gas gauge below E… After a long weekend epic weekend alone, they invited me to head to Breckenridge for the night so we could ride Arapahoe Basin the next day… Why not? We headed out the next mid morning and ended the weekend BBQing, Drinking and Skiing with great friends.




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  1. Jan October 30, 2013 at 11:12 AM #

    Seems like a great trip. I especially like the night pictures with your car!

  2. Jan October 30, 2013 at 11:14 AM #

    Seems like a great trip! I especially like the night pictures with your car.

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