Home Brew

Have you ever brewed your own beer before? I had not until yesterday. We went over to our good friend Canh house and spent all day drinking and making beer. I’ll tell you what, it is a hard life we live… We made a chocolate molasses porter but there are 6 basic steps to brewing beer.

Step 1. Mash the Grains - Soaking them at a set temperature to extract enzymes to break down the starches to simple sugars.


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Volcom’s True to this – 24 Hour online premiere

Volcom Stone new film “True to This” is online at http://www.volcom.com/truetothis for 24 hours only! Check it out while you can. All I can say is wow.


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Late night fire

The other night some friends of mine started to spin some fire poi in our back yard, naturally I had my camera on hand and we got some shots for fun. Check out some shots below.


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989 studios & The Jet @ IMI Complex

This past weekend I was invited to shoot with good friend Zach Zygowicz from 989 studios out at the IMI Motorsports complex with Jonathan Underwood aka The Jet.  The track was packed, everyone was having a great time even with the track conditions not at ideal standards. We managed to get some shots before the day was out. Watching these guys ride is truly impressive, these guys ride fast and hard. So much fun shooting with them. Check out some shots below.

Wall Paper Wednesdays

The Jet scrubbing at IMI

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My good friend and fellow photographer and AI grad, Talia Kauk, is producing a very heavy catalog of some of the best photographers through out Colorado.


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Who wants a post card!? – All Gone!

Thank you everyone that emailed me and asked for one of these post cards! As of right now all of them have been called for and sent out. I will let you know when I have another shipment in for you guys. Thanks again for the continued support!


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Pancakes and Booze

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Denver city kozmic blues – a skate film

This past year we really started focusing on skateboarding again and made an effort to go out and film as much as we could between working and traveling. Big thanks to Eric Youngstrom from E. Funk Productions for taking the time to film and edit this short skate film of my friends Lawrence Kaelin aka LAW K. Eric Youngstrom aka E. Funk Production and myself. Also a big thanks to Anonymous Creations, and Ben Edwards from 127 griptape. Give it a view and let us know what you think!


Denver City Kozmic Blues from Eric Youngstrom on Vimeo.

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ZETA JUNE @ Quixoties Denver, Co

Last night my good friend Mitch Hruby, Bassist for Zeta June, came into town and played a show at Quixoties in Denver. So naturally we had to go and support! Check out some shots below.

Who is Zeta June?


Ian Crawford- Guitar, Vocals:

Porter Hand- Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer:

Mitch Hruby- Bass, Vocals, Thunder Tube:

Cody Kuhens- Drums, Percussion, no vocals


Zeta June is the collaborative effort of Porter Hand, Mitch Hruby, Ian Crawford and Cody Kuhens. The goal of Zeta June is to deliver music to the masses that people can relate to and enjoy. Being heavily influenced by so many great jam bands, Zeta June brings great musicianship through catchy melodies and an impressive sense of improvisation skills. Zeta June is sure to cause some commotion and turn some heads.

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4th annuel Cream City skatepark trip

For the past four years, when everyone flies home for Christmas, we manage to get together and drive up to Butler, Wi from IL to skate Cream City skate park. Every year new people join, and everyone progresses year after year. For the past three years now we have made an effort to film short edits of everyone each trip thanks to E.Funk Productions! Below are the past three years of edits from our cream city trips. Its what the holidays are for; Spending time doing what you love with the people you love. Cheers and Enjoy!

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